Cranberry ritual - moisturizing and smoothing treatment
Price: 2 h - 180 PLN

Taste lush fragrant care...

We promise you a perfect combination of sophisticated care and the sweet idleness . The unique aroma of salt scrub and refreshing scent of cranberry masks pamper your senses. Sophisticated preparations will make your body will be great moisturized , smooth and sensually fragrant.

The course of treatment:

At the beginning of the skin will undergo beneficent , a scrub peeling action of Red Tea & Volcanic Rock . Cranberry mask beautifully situated on the body it smooth , nourish and moisturize effectively . The program complement the wonderfully relaxing massage techniques with individually selected product.

Silk Body Ritual
Price: 1 h 45 min - 150 PLN

When a beautiful tan disappears, we note that the skin has become rough, thickened and dry, that has lost elasticity and took gray color. It also observed in solar discoloration, dilated capillaries and a large amount of the solar wrinkles.

To restore the skin's lost over the summer suppleness and freshness, and not allow the consolidation and deepening of adverse changes arising after too long sun exposure, you need as soon as possible to begin her regular care. The emphasis should be placed on its hydration and renewal or strengthening its natural hydro-lipid coat.

For this purpose, at Smart Relax Spa has been created for you Silk Body Ritual, thanks to its unique properties, your skin will regain your inner glow again.

This procedure consists of several parts. For a start is made body scrub that removes dead skin cells. Then the whole body is applied to the exclusive silk fluid and the body is wrapped with foil. The last part of the ritual is to massage the whole body.

The Mallorca Ritual
Price : 2h - 150 PLN

Allow yourself to take a trip to the garden of exotic fruit. Give your skin 's natural hydration and comfort sensuality tastiest summer fruit.

Mallorca is a true low-calorie treat for the senses . By using tropical fruit aromas gives a remarkable relaxation for body and mind. The main component of treatment is a peach , which supports the detoxification processes of the epidermis and maintains the optimum moisture level of the skin. Treatment saturated richness of vitamin C, which will ensure protection of the skin against free radicals , stimulate collagen and firming . The ritual includes a body scrub , aromatic imposition of fluid and original relaxing massage of the head.

The AlgoSLIM
Give yourself a bit of luxury while taking care of firmness and beautiful shape
Price: 1 h 15 min - 89 PLN

(peeling , slimming algae wraps , slimming massage , collagen serum)

The IceTouch - cooling treatment for hot days
Price: 1 h 10 min - 150 PLN

(body scrub , the application of a cooling mask , massage the whole body preparation refreshing )